Six generations of jewelers started with Valentino Coriz (b. 1890?), who would walk for miles to trade his work and return months later on horseback with a herd of sheep.

Santiago Leo Coriz (b. 1913), son of Valentino Coriz, learned casting from Hopi silversmith Jimmie Kootswatewa. Leo helped preserve the tufa-casting tradition.

Leo’s daughter, Mary Coriz Lovato (b. 1936), revived stone-in-shell mosaic jewelry inlaid with silver. Her husband, Sedelio Lovato did casting and fabrication.

Mary’s son, Anthony Lovato (b. 1958), continues his grandfather’s tradition of tufa-cast silver as well as fabrication.

Anthony’s sons, Joel Pajarito (b. 1984) and Cordell Pajarito (b. 1988), also work in tufa cast, silver, stones and shell.

Joel’s son, Aiden Lucas (b. 2007), is the next generation of Kewa Pueblo artisans.